the Choir


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Who We Are

The Victoria Philharmonic Choir is an auditioned, multi-generational ensemble of 80 voices. While we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we are very serious about the music. Our choristers are committed to improving vocal and choral skills, regular weekly rehearsals, independent work on repertoire between rehearsals and participation in the season’s concerts.

Since 2009, we’ve been directed by Peter Butterfield, whose skill in vocal training and his joyful and exacting leadership style continue to shape VPC into a choir with a rich and wide-ranging repertoire, from the Renaissance to the twenty-first century.

See a few highlights of past seasons from our archives.

Our Vision

The Victoria Philharmonic Choir’s vision is to provide the highest attainable standard of live choral music to Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island and further afield. Our independent choral productions present uplifting and enriching choral works to our community. We continually strive to cooperate with other arts organizations to create fulfilling concert seasons and summer festivals.

We also have a mandate to develop and educate future generations of choral singers and audiences. Through our educational programs, we offer both workshops and seminars on vocal technique and choral music, and bring together serious amateur singers who are willing and eager to continually develop their vocal talent through commitment to the highest standards of choral excellence.

Our Accompanist

Julian Greenwood is one of the busier collaborative pianists in Victoria, not only rehearsing with VPC but with other choirs, musical shows, soloists and groups. Julian once enjoyed a full career of teaching law and engineering before he retired to concentrate on the one thing that really matters: music. Now, when he’s not relaxing at one of the two grand pianos in his home studio, Julian teaches piano lessons, fills-in on church organs and plays chamber music.

Our Board of Directors

John Kaye (Chair), Georgina Nicoll (Secretary), Adrian Dolling (Treasurer), Janet Heino (Associate Treasurer), and Members at Large: Flori Ens, Scotty Gardiner, Alison McCallum, Barbara Stewart and Thomas Williams.

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The Board is advised by: Peter Butterfield (Music Director), Sherry Lepage (Choir Management), Ruth Dyck (Finance), Bruce Lemire-Elmore (Patron)